The company's history began in 1907.The watchmaker Julius Epple founded a company that has been producing Aristo-Watches for three generations now. Collectors, who are specialized in "Watches from Pforzheim", possess at least one product from the foundation years. The year 1998 is the year of the comeback for ARISTO. Helmut Epple, the grandson of the founder Julius Epple found a replacement named Hansjörg Vollmer and new perspectives opened up for this traditional brand. Millions of Aristo watches were produced between 1907 and 1992; on some days up to 3000 pieces left the factory in Pforzheim.

Hansjörg Vollmer followed a different vision: "We want to build Aristo up as an internationally renowned brand but this is not possible if we follow mass production, instead we should focus on quality over quantity."

According to the producer, Aristo's products are sold in over 50 countries. Except the successful B-Watch-Replica trilogy, Aristo, still partly located in the Schwarzwald region, also produces a line of modern aviator-chronographs.